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Sebastian X Reader Stardew ValleyStardew Valley Sebastian Guide. A - Affection: Sebastian isn’t a very touchy person with anyone but you and he’s the type to truly value his alone time, so you know when you’re included in his plans that it’s his way of showing how much he cares about you. Cutscenes up to 8 hearts are edited to be platonic with the player character and reference their relationship. A collection of yandere stardew valley fics from my tumblr. The temperature has dropped quickly, and many townsfolk are bundling up to fend off the impending winter chill. He refuses to believe that he does that. Fantasy & Mythology Just For Fun Would You Rather Frogs. She’s rebellious by nature, sneaking out whenever she can. sdv sebastian sdv headcanons sdv hcs stardew sebastian stardew valley stardewvalley stardew valley hcs stardew x,y,z. Chapter 10: Haley x Reader (Lemon/Smut) Summary: Warning: SMUT Ahead!. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. You turn 15 this year, and so does Ciel. She hates the people; they're boring and weird. Add to Favorites Last Chance! || SDV 2 Inch Acrylic Pins - Elliott, Sam, Sebastian (2. His hands are more skilled than any living masseuse and all his partner’s aches just seem to melt away. Episode 2, finally! It was a lon. But drama and action wasn't something Y/n expected to deal with in real life. To trigger this event with Sebastian, you'll have to go to the mountain between 6 am and 7 pm on a rainy day. You hand baby Alistair to Sebastian. Stardew Valley is the sweetest farming game around. A/N: playing a lot of Stardew, and hating that I have to choose. A compilation on Stardew Valley Characters x Reader Oneshot smuts Still updating, will upload more soon Disclaimer: I do not own you or Stardew Valley Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Elliott, Sam, Sebastian, Shane - Chapters: 9 - Words: 10,063 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 5/25/2021 - Published: 5/9/2021 - id: 13878715. Chapter 24: Eight for a Wish Summary: Sebastian hasn't left his room since the Luau incident. Chapter 15: Sebastian's two hearts. Shane can best be described as the towns most rude NPC, however his love for chickens does show you a …. Plot Twist (Sebastian x F!Reader) by queer_vampeer. i just imagine the first time they come over to your little cottage, they’re just observing the place absentmindedly while talking with you. content: pining (mutual…), AGGRESSIVE pining, reader is smitten and in love, stream of conciousness/ramble type of writing, romantic tension (unresolved), cute and will maybe make ur stomach hurt from anxiety (i have my ways) (i’m lying) notes: omg hey guys so i …. Perhaps they were a sign of guidance or change. Sebastian tells the Farmer they can leave, ending the event. -when seb finally goes he spends the ENTIRE day in the casino and barely breaks even. Reader x Sebastian Michaelis - Speculum Title: Speculum Fandom: Black Butler Character: Sebastian Michaelis Genre: Angst Warnings: tbh none idk Intended Gender Audience: Neutral Audience Word Count: 650 words Other comments: enJOY You heard the door creak ever so slightly, so you patted your cheeks quickly and turned around. " i'll see you tomorrow sebby " you …. Sebastian & Female Player (Stardew Valley) Sebastian (Stardew Valley)/Reader; Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Non-Explicit Sex; Non-Explicit; Smut; Pining; Mutual Pining; Religious Imagery & Symbolism; Magical Realism; Not Beta Read; Summary. Shane x Reader (Stardew Valley) by Bella. - Leah loves your aesthetic! She’s very outdoorsy by nature, so your aesthetic fits right along with her as well! - From plant cultivating to foraging in the woods, Leah will join you in a lot of your daily activities throughout the day, even snagging a few things on walks. 3K 21 Y/n is the new farm girl in town. Sam/Male Player (Stardew Valley). Stardew Valley Love Blog! 🌱🌿🍃 — Would you mind doing H/C with Sebby with a farmer 1. Thankfully, Sebastian just happened to stop by at the right time The stars were beautiful, and the constellations danced. Although I promise I'll work on this story more, it's not like my absolutely obsession over Sebastian, Sam, Shane, and Elliott have changed pssssshh. Elliott (Stardew Valley)/Reader; Sebastian/Reader; Penny (Stardew Valley)/Reader; Maru/Reader; Shane (Stardew Valley)/Reader; Elliott/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Sam/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Stardew Valley x Reader SMUT Oneshots DaughteroftheTrees. Originally posted by welovewaves “Sebby! Come help me move Mooana! She’s being a pain in the ass again and won’t go back into the barn!” You called out to your husband as you walk into the shabby farmhouse you called home. sebastian pelican town beach rainy sebastian stardew valley · 47 notes #stardew valley #stardew sebastian #stardew fanfic #sebastian x reader . If you don't go to the bus stop, you will miss the second part of this event. ” Glancing at his phone, he noted the. 135 pages December 18, 2020 0815185. Sebastian’s property had a lake not far from the house. Stardew Valley - Sam X Sebastian by Rocket Robin. Stardew Valley: Every Main Character’s Age, Height, And Birthday. I NEED ME SOME YANDERE SEBASTIAN. However, (Y/N) and Sebastian find that a suppose. Join Planet Minecraft! We're a community of 4. Stardew Valley Love Blog! — Bachelors Masterlist. Harvey/Player (Stardew Valley). This is an Official SuitorLP Channel Patreons: -Liz -Amadine -seerena88 Please Support my Twitter and my Patreon Thank You: . It was a beautiful place, Stardew Valley. Here we have Shane, one of the six bachelors in Stardew Valley. just a bunch of random drabbles about the guys and gals from The game Stardew Valley. i just imagine the first time they come over to your little cottage, they're just observing the place absentmindedly while talking with you. '' She will be in Hell with me if she throw's another plate at me'' he said. Stardew Valley comes to Mobile! Move to the countryside, and cultivate a new life in this award-winning open-ended farming RPG! With over 50+ hours of gameplay content and new Mobile-specific features, such as auto-save and multiple controls options. He does anything he’s asked to but most of the time it seems like he’s reading your mind. Reblog View post · Avatar · simp-archives · ieatsmallorphansnamedtom · #stardew valley x reader#sebastian x reader. The thunder cracked, the lightning striked, and the rain drummed upon the roof of his small house, his wife's snores accompanying the cacophonic noises that kept him awake, awake enough to leave the warmth of his bed and enter the. 14 Heart Event – Go to The Mountain on a rainy day between 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Soulmate Sebastian x reader by Ace. Caroline Sears is the highly trained assassin for the French Mafia until a certain demonic butler with a voice like velvet comes along and offers her a deal: work as Cie blackbutler. I love Friday nights when my friends and I get together and play pool, although it does sometimes overfill my social quota for the day. On the first day, you meet a boy named Sebastian. Ready to embark on a heartwarming adventure in Stardew Valley? You’ll join a cast of unforgettable characters, including the enigmatic Sebastian, and explore a vibrant world full of romance, challenges, and secrets. Characters -Abigail -Alex -Sam -Sebastian -Maru -Emily -Penny -Shane -Elliot -Leah -Haley -Harvey But I will very rarel # abigail # alex # elliot # emily # farm # fishing # flowers # hailey # harvey. Sebastian is among the six male marriage candidates in Stardew Valley. 455 42 2 "The ice inside me melts. Chapter 5: Chicken man Summary: It's come to the early evening of the day and Y/n meets the gloomy alcoholic. Six Heart Event – Enter Sebastian’s room while he’s there. content: silly love again, mutual pining, not actually unrequited love, some goofs and giggles and misunderstandings, the teeniest tiniest inkling of angst but it's covered up with silliness, the word hussy is used which is the funniest word ever and i'm so glad i discovered it it's so old-timey-small-town word. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Sebastian/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Sam/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Sam/Sebastian (Stardew Valley). Chapter 3: Shane x Reader (Lemon/Smut) Summary: WARNING: …. Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries, notes and tags, will be accessible . Once they'd become friends, the farmer and Sebastian started a ritual of meeting up to smoke their first cigarettes of the day by the mountain lake. Read Seb x gotoro reader 2 from the story Sebastian Scenarios // stardew valley by remscorner_ (Remscorner_) with 657 reads. According to all of the Sebastian cutscenes we’re supposed to believe that this character has a motorcycle but he just doesn’t look like the type. Sebastian/Male Player (Stardew Valley). Kuroshitsuji Yandere | Sebastian Michaelis Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Sebastian Sebastian Michealis X Reader Sebastian X Reader A simple story about you, a simple 21st-century girl, waking up in an unfamiliar place in an unfamiliar time zone, then being sent away to live at the …. Sebastian lives in the basement of his mother Robin's carpenter shop, …. Sebastian studied the sincerity in your doe-eyed stare and extended his arms upward and stretched. Harvey does his best to make her feel very welcome. When penny comes back she struggles to fit back into the life she used to have, especially when he friends seemed to have moved on while she was away. Sebastian's gut instinct was to feel jealous that she'd just gotten out of the dance, but maybe Sam was right and having the farmer here would make it different. She motioned to follow her, and so you complied. It's time to try Tumblr You'll never be bored again. Stardew Valley headcanons for Sam, Sebastian, Elliot, and Haley about what it's like waking up in the mornings and living with them <3. See a recent post on Tumblr from @staratie about sdv elliott x reader. This story contains more Stardew valley logic than Real life logic so bare with the short months and how fast time goes by. Harvey - He can’t believe he’s a dad. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Leah with a Fem!Cottagecore!Reader HCs. Sam said not to take it personally, that he just takes awhile to warm up to new people. To sell the farm house and just come back. Trans Sebastian (Stardew Valley). Sebastian had it pretty rough, Maru was generally the centre of attention in his house so he was always kind of stuck in his room in the basement, playing video games and reading comics. Explicit Archive Warning : No Archive Warnings Apply Category: F/M Fandom: Stardew Valley (Video Game) Relationships: Sam/Reader Elliott (Stardew Valley)/Reader …. still new to town, not even a full season through, you’d yet to truly get to know everyone. abigail; xmalereader; malereader +9 more # 12. Haley/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Leah/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Emily/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Maru/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Abigail/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Penny/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Serena has had to take over the farm and care for her grandfather as his health declines. Suddenly, I'm burning up and terrified, scared I'll be too weak to resist. 60 KB (263x479) Format: PNG (image/png) Hits: 41,910: Comments: 0: Download this Sheet. So far I have 1343 words on chapter 2 and I still have to do alex, harvey, and Elliott so wish me luck and I'm sorry for keeping you. I tilled my head "Yeah?" " (Y/N) I need you to please either move or get off me. Sebastian/Player (Stardew Valley) Sebastian (Stardew Valley) dirty talk + nipple play. You then realize now that you have grown feelings for them. Hey there, welcome to Stardew Valley. Harvy who gives off middle age dad vibes? Either way, no judgment babe. It is a Shane romance story with a very slow burn. //Stardew valley various x dom fem reader// Inheriting (L/n) farm was the last thing you had ever expected to happen. However, not everything goes the way she plans. you had been searching for your book for a few minutes now and you were about to give up before spotting it in the lower middle shelf wedged in between two huge …. See a recent post on Tumblr from @babiebom about stardew valley Sebastian x reader. She reunites with her childhoo. Sebastian has Social Anxiety (Stardew Valley) Depressed Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Soft Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Fluff. Works; Bookmarks; This tag belongs to the Relationship Category. However, unlike what the guide says, he rejected you ruthlessly everytime. Back in the day, Evelyn, George and your late Grandpa were the Abby, Sebastian and Sam of Pelican Town until Grandpa moved away. Chapter 8: On the pier Summary:. Fan Art: Sebastian Stardew Valley by pakkiedavie on DeviantArt. Stardewvalleyfanfiction Stories. Adds events if you're dating Sebastian and Abigail at the same time (8H and 10H). Both nervous and excited, they had no idea the pregnancy itself would be a roller coaster of emotions. stardew stardew valley stardew valley sebastian cute . The rural duo has met its match. Speaking to Sebastian after, he'll tell the Farmer to keep what he told them a secret. He goes and buys lots of books, reading to the Farmer’s stomach. Sebastian Reverse Comfort - Stardew Valley Character Audio. He takes the baby and a tear escapes his eye. Haley/Player (Stardew Valley) Emily (Stardew Valley) Alex (Stardew Valley) Original Characters. sdv stardew valley sdv fanart stardew art stardew valley fanart stardew comic sdv comic sdv farmer stardew farmer stardew Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; retquits. Love Song - Sebastian x Farmer sarrieblr: “Newcomers did not come that often to Stardew Valley, therefore Mayor Lewis announced that a new . Sebastian THE LONER? | Marriage Candidate Guide in Stardew ValleyWatch Sebastian's ALL HEART EVENTS here 👉🏿 https:. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Sebastian then grows quiet and says they'll never see him again. He's also responsible for one where you can have sex with his favorite Stardew Valley character, Alex. Your old life was suddenly behind you. once you got inside the library, you greeted gunther and made your way towards the back in search of a certain book. Sebastian X Reader Oneshots Stories. Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life RPG with support for 1–…. A/N: Hi there anon, I wouldn’t mind at all! I really wish we got more time to see him explaining his work, but this. More warnings to be added as the story progresses. Read to fin alex; fluff; sebastian (SDV Sebastian x yandere reader) (Four corners farm) (Gender neutral reader) yanderereader; stardewvalleysebastian; sebastian +4 more # 7. Sebastian x Male Reader Stardew Valley. " i- i'll see you tomorrow " you smiled. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Stardew Valley Love Blog! 🌱🌿. Work Text: One last step up and you’ve successfully pulled yourself out of the mines, covered in dirt and slime with a pack back full of goodies. The Stardew Valley fair comes and goes, and Sebastian doesn’t understand quite how to appraise the grange displays, but from the passing comments he overhears from Lewis, you put up an impressive arrangement for your first year. Future Plans: More marriage dialogue, another date night event, and a 12 heart and/or 14 heart event for people who are married to both! Portrait mod used in screenshots: Diverse Stardew Valley …. Pierre (Stardew Valley) sebastian x reader; Fluff; angst with fluff; Eventual Smut; meeting new people; Sexual Content; Relationship(s) Jealousy; Struggling!Farmer; Stardew Valley - Freeform; Pelican Town - Freeform; Slow Burn; Slow Build; Hurt/Comfort; Drama & Romance; Implied/Referenced Self-Harm; Self-Harm; Healing; first fanfic;. If the Player is of the same gender, the character will note that something along the lines of them never having. (-750 Friendship) Sebastian is offended and tells the Farmer to leave. Junox Hornsby has been molded into the perfect wife for the Joja Corp heir, Joshua Jones. #stardew elliot x reader on Tumblr. I Stardew Valley - Sebastian X Fem!R by Natsunokoya. Sebastian from Stardew Valley: Schedule, Gifts, Heart Events …. Not to long after moving in she meets a wizard by the name of Rosmodius and a little brute monster name Krobus, with them at her side and the residents of Pelican Town, she begins to forge friendships and have fun without the stress and heartbreak from her family. Chapter 16: The Flower Dance Summary: During the flower dance, you have an unsettling realization that you try to deny. This can be done by gifting people, talking to them everyday etc…. Ele tende a ficar muito vidrado em jogos de computador, quadrinhos, e livros de ficção científica, e ás. Sebastian/Reader Penny (Stardew Valley)/Reader Maru/Reader Shane (Stardew Valley)/Reader Elliott/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Sam/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Sebastian/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Shane/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Penny/Male Player (Stardew Valley) Maru/Male Player (Stardew Valley) Characters: Shane (Stardew Valley). Between angels attempting purification and demons trying to steal souls, (Y/N) and …. His bakery is quite small and quaint as of now, but the amount of customers who pass by, even by little amounts, make him too nervous. You let out a grumble, and shift slightly, trying to find sleep again. I say that like it's a bad thing, but I don't mean it that way. Characters -Abigail -Alex -Sam -Sebastian -Maru -Emily -Penny -Shane -Elliot -Leah -Haley -Harvey But I will very rarely do any angst. He lives in the carpenter's shop with his mom Robin, his half-sister Maru, and his stepfather Demetrius. Sebastian vive no porão da marcenaria de sua mãe Robin, no norte da cidade. #YANDERE SEBASTIAN #sdv sebastian #stardew valley sebastian #stardew sebastian #sdv yandere sebastian #sdv yandere sebastian mod. 3rd POV- · Rain poured down on the small city called Stardew Valley. Have a great day/night too! ^^. Maru/Male Player (Stardew Valley) Abigail/Emily (Stardew Valley) Alex/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Male Player (Stardew Valley) Look at the tittle (requests open and you can do what ever you want almost) No Archive Warnings Apply. Sandy at the Oasis shop in the Desert is fond of the player and would love coming to town to see a movie. Girl gets sick of corporate job, discovers the deed to her grandfather's cabin, and moves over there to begin a new life. Here’s the list of the gifts you can give Sebastian, and how you can acquire them. a/n: sebastian finally has his darling in his grasp. biblically-accurate-angel liked this. Pelican Town (Stardew Valley) Ryann's crush on Harvey is painful and she's ready to either take him on or let him go. This height is shorter than the average American man (5'9", or 1. 9 pages Completed March 19, 2021 Rosea. obsession, kidnapping, manipulation, stockholm syndrome, choking, smoking, shotgunning. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; Just wanted to let everyone know again that the inbox …. Stardew Valley Shane Fanfiction Stories. Stardew Valley (Video Game) Relationships: Sebastian/Player (Stardew Valley) Sebastian (Stardew Valley)/Reader; Character: Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Additional Tags: Established Relationship; Married Life; Soft Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Sleepy Cuddles; Gender-Neutral Pronouns; I really like cuddles; Sebby is a sweet little emo; Other. Fanfiction Romance Harvey Sam Shane Sebastian X Reader Stardew Valley Characters. Stardew Valley Love Blog! — Masterlists. She was used to maybe one or two people wandering about on a normal day but now the entire village was out in force and Pelican Town seemed like a completely different place. Abigail laughed at Sebastian's wording, obviously trying to stay discreet in the public setting, "Thanks Seb, that means a lot. PC / Computer - Stardew Valley - Sebastian - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! Wiki Sprites Models Textures Stardew Valley. Sebastian shuffles forward a little closer, too nervous to disobey you, but his tongue swipes over his lips, dying for a taste. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Mystery. Right in the middle of concocting his next steps in becoming the world's worst supervillain, Sebastian heard wet footsteps approaching from behind- which never happened, because everyone in town knew not to interrupt an emo dude's pondering. Ten Heart Event – Go to The Mountain between 8:00 PM and 12:00 AM. From the outside, it looked like they had it all. Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Moving is no easy task. I sighed when thinking back to the small town in …. See a recent post on Tumblr from @noraszoo about sebastian stardew valley x reader. Doll’s note: Hello Tumblr~ (,, ・∀・)ノ゛This is the first post on my blog so reblogs and replies are greatly appreciated!. It's been three years up here in this valley and I'm thinking of settling down but I need help picking the winner of The Bachelorette: FARMER EDITION. You can barely handle that, and it only gets worse when you have to deal with developing feelings about a strange short boy in a black hoodie. Summary: After years of lost memories, Y/n had started remembering her childhood in Pelican town after a traumatic event causing Amnesia. Sebastian X Seme Male Reader [Boyfriend Scenarios] 8 pages April 16, 2017 TheYaoiWriterDeity. This mod adds a little more diversity by giving Alex a Hispanic background. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Sebastian only loves a small number of gifts. It grows lonesome there on his own, so when you show up with gifts and food he’s delighted! You spend many a night with him drifting off to sleep as the waves. Read Seb x male reader from the story Sebastian Scenarios // stardew valley by remscorner_ (Remscorner_) with 1,918 reads. Genderbent Stardew Valley Relationship Scenarios. Discover more posts about stardew sebastian x reader. Discover more posts about sebastian x mc, sebastian sallow x you, sebastian sallow x mc, ominis gaunt x reader, sebastian sallow x reader, sebastian sallow smut, and sebastian x reader. Kent & Female Player (Stardew Valley) Kent (Stardew Valley) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD. Chapter 22: The Crush Chronicles Summary: When Sebastian sees Y/N hanging out with Shane, he decides it's time to start trying to get with her. Works and bookmarks tagged with Yandere Sebastian will show up in Yandere Sebastian (Stardew Valley)'s filter. However, one, not even June, noticed just how quickly Dr. About Apps I would like to share a little Stardew Valley Sebastian x F!reader! I will post by chapters, so keep it in mind! Keep reading. Stardew Valley | Reader x Sebastian x Shane Reader x Elliott x Sam …. Sebastian already knew you were pregnant with him when you threw a hard plate into his direction. He helps the Farmer around the house, being strong so his partner can take it easy. Bachelors only please! So about me ig, I tend to be pretty chill, I love to be in public settings like conventions and concerts. But mostly because he wasn't interested in you. Slugterra | Reader | Fanfiction Romance Shane Kord Twist Love Slugs Various. Hello, may I request headcanons of yan Sebby. maryclanders reblogged this from star-dew-farmer. Stardew Valley x Reader Oneshots SMUTS Chapter 3: Sebastian x Reader. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. After letting the cat stay the night in his room, Sam his alarmed to wake up the next day to find a very cute, very catlike young man in his bed instead. Prescription For Sleep: Stardew Valley (Jazz Album) Buy From Bandcamp. Emily is older than Haley, and her natural hair color is mousy brown. ⭐Stardew Valley x Reader {Complete}. [Stardew Valley x Male Baker Reader - Only MxM book] (Your Name) is a shy baker who started a bakery in Pelican Town next to Pierre's Shop. 2 million creative members sharing everything Minecraft since 2010! Even if you don't post your own creations, we always appreciate feedback on ours. Sebastian (Stardew Valley)/Reader; Sebastian/Player (Stardew Valley) Sebastian/Male Player (Stardew Valley) Sebastian/Reader; Emily/Sandy (Stardew Valley) Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Sam (Stardew Valley) Abigail (Stardew Valley) Penny (Stardew Valley) Emily (Stardew Valley) Haley (Stardew Valley) Lewis (Stardew Valley) Alex (Stardew Valley) Maru. " Sebastian and Luna are expecting their first child. " i'll see you tomorrow sebby " you kissed his cheek then went into your house. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these. - Leah loves your aesthetic! She’s very outdoorsy by nature, so your aesthetic fits right along with her as well! - From plant cultivating to foraging in the woods, Leah will join you in a lot of your daily activities throughout the day, even snagging a few things on walks herself. It's located in Stardew Valley, on the Southern Coast. Before, it was only Jas who he cared for, but then you came into the picture, and helped him out. I never knew I needed someone, until I met you Female farmer OC x Sebastian. 051s [nexusmods-7799977457-zz4k6] This mods aims to bring adult content into Stardew Valley. Installation [1] Install SMAPI, Content Patcher, and Event Repeater [2] (Optional) Install Unique Courtship Response CORE and Custom NPC Exclusions [3] Put [CP] Yandere Elliott Expansion into Stardew Valley\mods folder Regarding the configuration (please open config. Maybe later See a recent post on Tumblr from @ss-aquarium about sdv sebastian x reader. Stardew Valley | Reader Abigail | Adventure Romance Nintendo Sam Sebastian X Reader. Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Shane (Stardew Valley) Sam (Stardew Valley) Female Player (Stardew Valley) Abigail (Stardew Valley) Harvey (Stardew Valley) Maru (Stardew Valley) Elliott (Stardew Valley) Robin (Stardew Valley). x reader #harvey x reader #sebastian x reader #sam x reader #stardew valley alex x reader #stardew valley shane x reader #stardew valley harvey . Chapter 12: Sleepover Chapter Text. Stardew Valley x Reader SMUT Oneshots DaughteroftheTrees. Sebastian/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Sebastian (Stardew Valley)/Reader; Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Reader; Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot; Blow Jobs; Hand Jobs; First Time Blow Jobs; Smut; completely unedited and like no cohesive ANYTHING to it; Desperation; omg theyre just actually in love w each other like …. Heyy! So I just found your stuff and it’s all super cute I love this kind of thing 😊 feel free to decline but do you think you could do a little fluffy one shot type thing where you’re just gaming with Sebastian and then whoops you both fall in love 😳. Stardew Valley is a farm simulator with a large cast of beloved characters to befriend, marry, and learn about. Chapter 9: Ocean Boy Summary: Who is that boy? Notes: Short chapter because I'm busy. Sebastian x Shy Reader :bulletred: Her Gentleman, Chess Piece- Conclusion :bulletred: Lady Camilla Riverside had long since run out of tears to shed, but as she glanced back at the Phantomhive Manor one last time she felt her heart quiver within her chest. The farmer flashed a smile at him as the dance started, and he went through the motions. One shots of every stardew valley character (except the kids ofc) x the farmer. Stardew Valley | Elliott Reader Maru Abigail Leah Alex Haley Penny | Elliott Reader Maru Abigail Leah Alex Haley Penny. 7K 61 This is a smut and fluff fanfiction set in the Stardew Valley universe. See a recent post on Tumblr from @junicult about sdv Sebastian x reader. All references to romantic relationships. #stardew valley sam x reader on Tumblr. I was freezing, shivering… of course I forgot to bring a scarf and hat. So he kept an open mind and tried not to be too moody when Lewis called for the dance to begin. you’d had your brief hello’s and found yourself enjoying the company of some more than others—your days almost always beginning with a short walk to check on linus and avoiding the town centre until you were sure shane had finished his commute—but you weren’t sure if you could call anyone a. If you were so bold as to glance up at him, you’d learn that neither could he. A strangers/friends-to-lovers story about Sebastian and Stardew Valley's new farmer developing a relationship as they also navigate an unplanned pregnancy. Get apps, games, and more for your Windows device. She noted how the flower dance was the next day and made a mental reminder not to participate. Into The World of Black Butler by MyrianCarydark. Totally not SIMPING for Sebastian from stardew valley. A compilation on Stardew Valley Characters x Reader Oneshot smuts Still updating, will upload more soon Disclaimer: I do not own you or Stardew Valley Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Elliott, Sam, Sebastian, Shane - Chapters: 9 - Words: 10,063 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 5/25/2021 - Published: 5/9/2021 - id: 13878715. After his six heart event, his feelings started to develop for you, not just out of gratitude, but because it was you who helped him. We currently have 1,576 articles about the country-life RPG developed by ConcernedApe. But one day, you have yourself freedom and exited the mines to explore the outside world. Get notified when Happy Together: Sebastian (Stardew Valley) is updated. But like what if we kissed in the secret woods, in. Discover more posts about sdv, stardew valley, and stardew valley x reader. Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Additional Tags: Porn With Plot; Porn with Feelings; English Stats: Published: 2022-12-29 Words: 3,568 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 3 Kudos: 42 Bookmarks: 5 Hits: 2,823. Sebastian, Penny and Harvey are left-handed. One Redditor decided to foil the creator's plans by establishing how tall or short each character is using their pixel measurements. Gorillaz | Murdoc Niccals Stuart "2D" Pot Noodle Russel Hobbs Sebastian Jacob Niccals Reader. A new Sebastian x Reader fanfic! I plan to work better on this one, take my time, and really …. #stardew valley elliott x reader on Tumblr. Especially when there's something foul afoot and you can't figure it out. Sebastian (Stardew Valley)/Reader (10) Shane (Stardew Valley)/Original Character(s) (10) Shane/Female Player (Stardew Valley) (8) Sebastian/Male Player (Stardew Valley) (7) Exclude Additional Tags Fluff (45) Slow Burn (38) Angst (24) Romance (21) Eventual Smut (19) Smut (15). Section: Non-Playable Characters. Harvey Stardew Valley Fanfiction Stories. i haven't even finished the damn game!! Slice of Life. Hope you enjoy these HCs for Leah! :D. a collection of gorillaz oneshots from my tumblr. An evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell. No choices during this cutscene will impact your relationship with Sebastian. a lonely girl with an odd family is transported into the realm of the anime she loves - Black Butler. I just got tired of reading Sebastian x Female Reader so I decided to make my own. json and change the switch "enableAlex" from "enabled" to …. I'll see how I feel about smut at that moment. Open your "Stardew Valley\Mods" folder and drop the folder called " [CP] Yandere Alex Dialogue Expansion" there. Main characters: Alex, Haley, Sam, Harvey, and Shane! Over a year has passed since now 24-year-old Sadie Simmons impulsively moved to the Valley--a decision that has undoubtedly changed her life for the better. stardewsebastian, stardew, sebastia Browse Browse Wattpad Originals Editor's Picks The Wattys Adventure Contemporary Lit Diverse Lit Fanfiction Fantasy Historical Fiction Horror Humor LGBTQ+ Mystery New Adult Non-Fiction. Some people need to work to make a living. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Kurt Hummel/Sebastian Smythe; Kurt Hummel; Sebastian Smythe; Angst; Short; Sad; Angsty Sebastian; Summary. Mar 20, 2016 @ 4:52pm I Stardew Valley > General Discussions > Topic Details. 14 pages Completed May 26, 2013 Immemor. Sebastian is Bad at Feelings (Stardew Valley) Pelican Town (Stardew Valley) Alternate Universe - Stardew Valley Fusion; Stardew Valley Expanded; Language: English Stats: Published: 2023-06-22 Words: 1,566 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 1 Kudos: 14 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 671. Stardew Valley (Video Game) Teen And Up Audiences. This is intended for female readers. Sebastian never really showed interest in the new farmer in town, and vise versa. Why not take a nap? They probably napped 'till the next morning. - - - - - Sebastian has dreamed of moving to Zuzu City since he was in high school. ˗ˏˋstardew valley imaginesˎˊ˗. " //Stardew valley various x dom fem reader// Inheriting (L/n) …. Stardew Valley - Sam x (Male) Read by A skeleTON of words. Harvey X Reader Fanfiction Stories. All of the marriage candidates have a special 14-heart event after you marry them. Between angels attempting purification and demons trying to steal souls, (Y/N) and Sebastian's. Getting back into a life approximating 'normal' in Stardew Valley is hard for Kent. Disgruntled former office worker Julia left behind her unfulfilling life in the city for a new start on her late grandfather's farm in Pelican Town. Since I lack the creativity to write a full on story, here are some little scenarios with the lovely emo boy Sebastian from Stardew Valley :) Also the cover art isn't b stardewvalley; …. With the Sebastian x Reader love story, you'll experience a captivating journey that will leave you wanting more. The most useful function of the Spa to the player is the energy-recovering ability of the water inside. Sebastian-Heres a scarf! Sun, Feb 10, 2019. It was New Years Eve again; another year gone by and a new batch of resolutions and memories were already beginning to form within you. The relationship between you and your grandpa was barely there. #sdv elliott x reader on Tumblr. Chapter 3: A Normal Occurrence Chapter Text. Sebastian says he needs to think a while longer and thanks the Farmer for talking to him. A new farmer has moved into Pelican Town! And they quickly fall for the town's golden retriever skater boy, Sam!. But when he sees you around town wearing those ruffly dresses. Go to the Bus Stop between 4 PM and 6 PM to travel there with him. it was pretty quiet, the only other people inside the library were elliot and penny. Shane (Stardew Valley)/Reader. You felt sad but you weren't torn up over it. 6:20pm: Smokes by the river outside Sam’s house with Sam. You felt sad bu stardewvalley; sebastian; game +15 more # 7. One Chance (chapters 1,2,3 and 4) FINISHED. "any idea what you're going to get?" harvey asked in a futile attempt to make you stay a little longer - he knew you loved talking about crops, seeds and anything to do with the farm in general. Sebastian x Bipolar Fem!reader Remscorn_er. Sebastian (Stardew Valley)/Original Female Character(s) (73) Sebastian (Stardew Valley)/Reader (72) Sebastian/Male Player (Stardew Valley) (63) Elliott/Female …. Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life RPG with support for . Discover more posts about sdv sam, sdv fanart, sdv, stardew valley sebastian, sdv bachelors, stardew fanart, and SDV Sebastian. But I don't see the difference between imagining Sam and Seb together and having. Unwilling to let Pelican Town stifle him more than it already has, Sebastian decided to take the plunge and moved to Zuzu City …only to discover it's as horrible as the farmer told him it would be. Date Posted: Mar 19, 2016 @ 12:37pm. After the Beach Resort on Ginger Island is unlocked, Sebastian may randomly spend the day there. 7k (oh my god) content: mutual pining, ROMANTIC TENSION, aggressive pining on the reader’s part, do they kiss or do they not, social anxiety (can u TELL), embarrassing situations, comedy (maybe) (hopefully) (maybe you’ll get a little giggle out of this and swing your feet around), so much build up, the slowest burn you could. Cursed every full moon to turn into a ravenous beast and run amok through the streets. There are no choices you will need to make. Rating: Mature/Explicit Chapter Summary: You have to drink that weird potion from the game that makes you trip out and stuff lol have fun with that sucker. Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Player (Stardew Valley) Female Player (Stardew Valley) Sam (Stardew Valley) Haley (Stardew Valley) Harvey (Stardew Valley) Abigail (Stardew Valley) just all the characters; Stardew Valley Sebastian x Reader AsinineK9. Alex/Sam (Stardew Valley). Pacing back and forth, Sebastian couldn’t help but become more and more anxious with every passing minute. But with how perfect he looks while watching this movie, who could blame you for struggling to hold back?. Horny Bachelors is one of several erotic mods from a modder named Girafarig. He's usually cold and distant, but sometimes he's sweet. If you have time, could I request Sebastian x a GN reader painting their nails together / reader asking Stardew Valley Love Blog! 🌱🌿🍃 — Hi there!! I am super excited to see all the 1. You and Sebastian agree to name him Alistair. Black Butler | Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Sebastian X Reader Oneshot Au Fluff Happily Ever After. Stardew Valley Alex x Female Reader ~Touchdown. 전지적 독자 시점 - 싱숑 | Omniscient Reader - Sing-Shong; A Song of Ice and Fire & Related Fandoms; Return of the Bloodthirsty Police; Relationships: YB | Your Boyfriend/Reader; Cove Holden/Reader; Sebastian (Stardew Valley)/Reader; Matsuno Ichimatsu/Reader; Todoroki Shouto/Reader; Venti (Genshin Impact)/Reader; Kurusu …. During the match, Shane thanks you for. She makes some friends, and finds one boy interesting but so does someone else. This Mod itself includes no Portraits. Sam/Sebastian/Female Player (Stardew Valley). The walk wasn't long, because the …. I promise you it'll get out and i swear I'll write more. And Sebastian kind of knew that nothing (everything) would really come of this—that this was (never) just a moment in an ocean of moments, that eventually (a few days, weeks, …. Stardew Valley Romance Mods: Spouses, Marriage & More. “Ugh, Steph?” Sebastian said, still half-asleep. T-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more, designed and sold by independent . Shane will be at your door and invite you see a gridball match in the city with him. Height: Never stated, but assumed to be 6'1" based on sprite comparisons. this is literally just everyone thinking the farmer is really weird. Notes: (Reread and reviewed: no). Well, I go give him another frozen tear while hes alone in his room for him to say. contains ; much suggestive content. Reunited at last! by the1andonlyE. 710 pages Completed 9 months ago BooksForLifeBowties. A bunch of oneshots of our favorite Stardew valley characters! You can post requests in the. Stardew Valley Love Blog! — Hi!! Hope you're having a. Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Reader; Robin (Stardew Valley) Sam (Stardew Valley) Abigail (Stardew Valley) Shane (Stardew Valley) Additional Tags: Fluff; 2021-09-10 Words: 2,452 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 1 Kudos: 72 Bookmarks: 6 Hits: 1,016. Starfruit Wine by eyeofthepanthergod. Sam (Stardew Valley) Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Elliott (Stardew Valley) Haley (Stardew Valley) Headcanon. Sebastian is a computer programmer that lives in his parent’s basement, although there is more than meets the eye to this purple haired, angsty Stardew Valley bachelor. Discover more posts about sdv elliott x reader. Penny (Stardew Valley)/Reader; Maru/Reader; Shane (Stardew Valley)/Reader; Elliott/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Sam/Female Player (Stardew Valley) …. On the inside, Romy felt like she was slowly losing her mind. Pairing(s): SDV Elliot x gn! reader (married) Themes: intimate, teeth-rotting fluff with your favorite writer, reader is overly head-over-heels for this man. Gender Neutral Player (Stardew Valley) Pelican Town (Stardew Valley) No Plot/Plotless. Sebastian & Female Player (Stardew Valley) Sebastian (Stardew Valley)/Reader; Sebastian & Player (Stardew Valley) Sam/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Abigail/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Introverted - Sebastian x Reader Remscorn_er. Y/N didn't listen and she walked away. Who knelt by his side and let him talk. Chapter 6: Reunion Summary: The time has come for Y/n to meet her childhood friends. Sebastian (Stardew Valley)/Reader; Sebastian & Player (Stardew Valley) Sam/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Abigail/Female Player (Stardew Valley) Introverted - Sebastian x Reader Remscorn_er. Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Abigail (Stardew Valley) Lewis (Stardew Valley) Reader Weddings Implied/Referenced Homophobia Marriage of Convenience Light Angst this is so stupid no beta we die like the farmers grandfather. #stardew-valley-x-reader #sdv sebastian #stardew. You could have, and already have, wasted away an afternoon doing hardly anything besides watching him tinker and listen to the quiet background of blues music. Could you do a Sebastian x reader (stardew valley. Forgotten (Stardew Valley Fanfic) by siadd00. Zuzu City (Stardew Valley) Haley and the Farmer head on a trip to the famous and fast paced Zuzu City. Chapter 3: Letter Summary: You find a letter that will change your life forever. Add to Favorites Stardew Valley Elliott & Sebastian; flat clay keychain charms. A Collection of Gorillaz Oneshots. Basically fluff until seb can no longer "stand" it (lmao) Angst with a Happy Ending. Crafted with pretty pixel art, this country-life RPG allows you to build the farm of …. He plays in a band with Abigail and Sam and loves. 𝐕𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐬, 𝐇𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐨𝐫, 𝐘𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐎𝐧𝐞-𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬. Hi!! So, I stumbled across your blog with you answering a matchup request and would also like to request that haha. After getting a job with his friend Sam at the local Joja Mart, a young Sebastian begins to take notice to an older man looking at him strangely. -discontinued, rewritten in ‘Acquiescence- (Y/N) and a friend were just ordinary 21st century girls, when, under suspicious circumstances, they were sent back in the past into Kuroshitsuji. Wattpad">Stardewsebastian Stories. Stardew Valley Shane x Reader by AmaranthLilith. Sebastian x AFAB Reader - ‘Ashes’ Part Four M Rated - Drug and alcohol abuse, (somewhat) cheating Originally posted by goanimeloverblog You arrive on Sebastian’s doorstep the next day with a small overnight back. Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Seb loves subbing, you love domming, and you both love it when you act super possessive during sex. Chapter 10: Discoveries and Drinks Summary: Wow ok so this is really OOC but that's f i n e I know the beginning was a bit rough but I made up for it with the thing at the saloon. She didn't need any further embarrassment around him after the disaster that just occurred. The new hair and moto jacket mod is going to change up his look to make him really look like someone who would ride a motorcycle. Introverted - Sebastian x Reader Remscorn_er. you’d had your brief hello’s and found yourself enjoying the company of some more than others—your days almost always beginning with a short walk to check on linus and avoiding the town centre until you were sure shane had finished his commute—but you weren’t …. Discover more posts about harvey sdv, stardew valley harvey, stardew harvey, stardew valley, and harvey x …. some notice it more then others (harvey & elliott lmfao) but otherwise they’re leaning against your crochet pillow without a deeper thought. Sebastian was entranced from the moment he saw the valley's new farmer. Sebastian/Player (Stardew Valley) Sebastian (Stardew Valley)/Reader; Sebastian & Female Player (Stardew Valley) Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Additional Tags: Kissing; Sexual Inexperience; Oral Sex; Language: English Stats: Published: 2022-10-02 Words: 2,014 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 10 Kudos: 412 Bookmarks: 23 Hits: 6,054. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Humor - [Sebastian, OC. • Shane With A Chubby!S/o Who Is Insecure About Her Weight Headcanons. See a recent post on Tumblr from @babiebom about stardew valley sam x reader. My dearest reader, surely you knew this entry was coming. You are unsure if Sebastian likes you because sometimes he gives you mixed signals. Stardew Valley Love Blog! — Yo stardew valley writer :0 very rare. Yandere Elliott Dialogue Expansion (English Translation) at Stardew. Darcy and Jack are at their limit of life in the city and maintaining Darcy's secret …. A compilation on Stardew Valley Characters x Reader Oneshot smuts Still updating, will upload more soon Disclaimer: I do not own you or Stardew Valley Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Elliott, Sam, Sebastian, Shane - Chapters: 9 - Words: 10,063 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 5/25/2021 - Published: 5/9/2021 - id: 13878715. See a recent post on Tumblr from @shreddies-scribbles about harvey x farmer. Stardew Valley | Reader | Fanfiction Romance Alex Manga Manga Artist Pelican Town Stardew Stardew Valley Stardew Valley Alex. kuroshitsuji; sebastianmichaelis; sebastianxreaderlemon +3 more # 6. Sebastian/Player (Stardew Valley) Sebastian (Stardew Valley)/Reader; Characters: Sebastian (Stardew Valley) Alex (Stardew Valley) Emily (Stardew Valley) Pierre (Stardew Valley) Additional Tags: physical affection; Anxiety; Flower Dance (Stardew Valley) pressure as comfort; physical reassurance; sorry to the alex lovers …. This Mod allows you to add Portraits with a higher resolution to the game and easily switch between Portrait Mods. For Y/n, it was a never-ending, disastrous nightmare. Elliott (Stardew Valley)/Reader; Sebastian/Reader; Penny (Stardew Valley)/Reader Stardew Valley x Reader SMUT Oneshots DaughteroftheTrees. Hey! Guess who’s back after an entire year! I lost motivation to write, and eventually forgot about this account. 14 pages Completed July 27, 2022 miythe. Sebastian (Stardew Valley)/Reader (23) Shane/Male Player (Stardew Valley) (18) Sebastian & Player (Stardew Valley) (15) Alex/Male Player (Stardew Valley) (13) …. Stardew Valley Love Blog! — Hi!! Hope you're having a ">Stardew Valley Love Blog! — Hi!! Hope you're having a. Harvey becomes infatuated, obsessed, and possessive toward June. Your grandpa had passed away recently. I have spent three summers wanting Sebastian. Shane with an S/O who has a Cutesy Aesthetic HCs. Quickly gliding through the remaining distance between the two. Follow!! the bachelors when they’re horny. Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings. Kent & Female Player (Stardew Valley). See a recent post on Tumblr from @incorrect-stardew-quotes about SDV Sebastian. Thirteen years after the events of the game Stardew Valley you, a new citizen come to find a once lovely community under heavy joja influence. Sebastian is an NPC and one of the marriage candidates who lives in Stardew Valley. As more hands are better than one, players have the option to scale profit margin on produce sold for a more challenging experience. Everyone forgot about you after your passing--except for him. Stardew Valley: 15 Secrets You Might Not Know. Like all available singles in Stardew Valley, he has preferred gifts that he likes more than others. Stardew Valley | Elliott Reader Maru Abigail Leah | Elliott Reader Maru Abigail Leah. Requests are open! I do write fluff, angst and MAYBE smut. A Stardew Valley Solarion Chronicles AU in which an elven woman and a wizard fall back in love after a lifetime apart. It was snowing quite heavily outside and from the warmth of your home you watched the white flakes fall with a small smile. Stardew valley one shots! Dm for a req!! Bachelors and Bachelorettes only please :) Sebastian x male reader oneshots im love he in my head Sebastian has black hair just the game makes it purple to show hair follicles wears a purple hoodie wholesome bby. Mining was a dangerous task to do, but it earned me good money on the farm, so I always did it. Sebastian (Stardew Valley)/Reader (106) Sam/Player (Stardew Valley) (82) Shane/Female Player (Stardew Valley) (81) Shane/Player (Stardew Valley) (79) Sebastian & Female Player (Stardew Valley) (70) Sebastian (Stardew Valley)/Original Female Character(s) (70) Exclude Additional Tags Fluff (339) Slow Burn (215). Special request from a friend, with full creative liberty to write whatever, as long as it was transmale reader/elliott, and reader was a vampire. Yandere Alex Dialogue Expansion at Stardew Valley Nexus. Sebastian & Female Player (Stardew Valley). You excitedly said yes and so he kissed you. Dear McCarthy (Sebastian x reader) by Remscorner_ 1. Barely a year after their marriage, cracks started to form in Sebastian and Farmer's marriage. A/n: I would say that to all the townspeople (Y/n) has met before her parting, she’d have at least 4 hearts with everyone, (minus the bachelors and bachelorettes who were not in the timeline) and 6 hearts with Robin, Sebastian, Abby, Caroline and Jodi. Y/n was getting changed from her work clothes when she checked the calendar next to her bed. Chu demon; blackbutlerxreader; cats +22 more Stardew Valley Parenthood Scenarios by Daff. Chapter 9: Harvey x Reader (Lemon/Smut) Summary: Warning: SMUT Ahead. A compilation on Stardew Valley Characters x Reader Oneshot smuts Still updating, will upload more soon Disclaimer: I do not own you or Stardew Valley Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Elliott, Sam, Sebastian, Shane - Chapters: 9 - Words: 10,063 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 5/25/2021 - Published: 5/9/2021 - id: 13878715. This is a story of a pair of lovers stepping back and relearning how to love each other, this time in the right way. Luckily for the demon butler Sebastian he caught the plate you threw at him and set it back on the white counter tops. reader has hair that can be put into a ponytail. Sam finds out his dad likes Vincent more. Stardew Valley is owned by Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone and is published by Chucklefish. Chapter 23: That Girl is Poison(ed) Summary: Sebastian, Abby, and Sam decide to pull a prank on Pelican town by putting a certain very-much-alive food into the soup at the Luau. Feast of the Winter Star (Stardew Valley) After a devastating layoff from Joja Corporation, Molly Sinclair decides to follow her grandpa's final advice and become the author of her own story. After years of lost memories, Y/n had started remembering her childhood in Pelican town after a traumatic event causing Amnesia. reference to afab anatomy as dick and cunt. Stardew Valley | Sebastian Sam Abigail Female Player | Fanfiction Romance. When he was inside you already found yourself moving your hips letting him know to start. Stardew Valley | Reader Sebastian Shane Elliott Sam Harvey Alex | Fanfiction Romance Slow Start "In many cases, Forget-Me-Not flowers are used to represent a loyal friendship, deep trust and bonds, and even new phases and new beginnings in your life. Which you thought was odd, because Sam is warm with everyone. He's a loner who would prefer to stay in his room to play video games and watch sci-fi movies. Chapter 5: Sebastian x Reader (Lemon/Smut) Summary: WARNING: SMUT. Summary: Moving to a small town after years of living in the big city is taking its toll on you. Sebastian is a popular choice for many players to marry in “Stardew Valley. Sebastian (Stardew Valley) x Male!Reader - Sebastian worries about his farmer husband who was mining a little too much. A Demon's Help (Sebastian x Reader) by Shane : ) 300K 10.